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Soft Office Reopening Tuesday May 26th!

*Expanded emergency capacity during Governor Baker’s Phase I reopening.       During this phase we are permitted to treat patients with loose or broken   appliances

*Patients only in the office: parent to wait in the car

* Face covering required! Social distancing please

*Please no cell phones in the office

*All appointments will be scheduled by phone

For additional details regarding our office reopening please read letter below:


To our dear Patients, Friends and Family,

The time has finally come for our office to hopefully reopen! We are excited to see you all again and can’t wait to get back to work on creating beautiful smiles.  The office plans to begin seeing a limited number of patients as permitted by Governor Baker’s Task Force.

As we all know, Covid-19 has changed our world. The office will have been closed for 10 weeks during the pandemic, and in this time we thought about what it would take to bring our patients safely back into the office to continue their orthodontic care. That is why we are pleased to let you know about some of the changes you will be seeing when you return to the office.

First, you may notice an increase in the staff’s personal protection equipment. This isn’t a huge change for us, as we have always taken infection control seriously in this office. In addition to our clinical staff wearing masks, gloves, goggles and jackets, you may now also see the addition of a face shield.  We have added plexi-glass partitions, or “sneeze guards” if you will, at the front desk.  These will allow us to safely communicate while protecting both you and our staff. Partitions will also be placed in the clinic area, to separate some of the clinical chairs. Sanitation has always been a priority for our practice, and we will continue to sanitize between each patient.

Second, the process of seeing patients will change a little. We have always welcomed parents, sibling and friends into the office with open arms, and while our feelings haven’t changed, conditions have. For this reason, we will be asking that for the remainder of May patients attend their visit alone. Parents, friends or other guardians will be requested to wait in your car. We are hoping that by early-mid June one chaperone may be permitted to accompany a patient in the office. Keeping the traffic flow of the reception area low will help us to ensure social distancing for all. Please text the office upon arrival at 978-537-6100 and we will message you when the child can be sent in to be seen. Patients are being asked to not use cell phones in the office. Patients will also be asked to wash their hands upon entry to the clinic. We will be happy to text or facetime you following the visit to review the appointment and all appointments will be scheduled by phone.  Any staff member, patients or chaperone entering the office may be subject to a temperature scan at the front door. Our patient bathroom will be open, however we ask that it be limited to patients only.

Next, you may find that some of our appointment times have temporarily changed. As we limit the number of both staff and patients that can be in the office at any given time, we will need to extend some days and times to ensure all patients can be seen in the coming weeks. We will be designating days for the removal of braces, placement of new appliances, emergency care and wire changes.  We know that so many of you are waiting to get back into to see us, and we hope to accommodate everyone in the coming weeks, however priority will be given to those patients in need of emergency care and repairs when the office opens.

Lastly, we want to be sure everyone feels safe returning to the office. Expect a screening call the day before your scheduled visit where our receptionist will ask if you or your child are not feeling well, or are experiencing a fever, cough, or sore throat. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please do not come to the office. Per the order of Massachusetts Governor Baker, face coverings are required in public and therefore required to enter the office. Please bring your own face covering from home as we will not have the supplies to provide one for you.

As we re-open we will again welcome new patients to the practice for consultations for orthodontic intervention, dental alignment and bite correction with both Invisalign and braces. We will continue our focus to maintain the utmost quality of care and results you have become accustomed to in our practice.

We know many of you are excited to get back into the office to continue your orthodontic treatment. We are expecting a high call volume upon opening. If you have had appointments canceled in the last two months and are expecting to reschedule, please be patient with us for the next few weeks. We will reach out to each of you to reschedule all appointments.

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence and for allowing us to continue doing what we love, creating beautiful and healthy smiles for you!


Dr. Todd K. Rowe, Dr. Benjamin K. Canary, and your Orthodontic Team


Since 1992, Dr. Todd K. Rowe, Dr. Benjamin Canary, and our team have created beautifully healthy and confident smiles: one person at a time!

Ours is a patient-centered practice, offering advanced orthodontic solutions for all ages, with treatment tailored to each person’s unique situation.

We want you to achieve the radiant, incredible smile you desire and will make treatment efficient, affordable, and comfortable!

In addition to clear and metal braces, Dr. Rowe offers:

Located in Leominster, MA, our orthodontic office serves Fitchburg, Lunenburg, and surrounding communities. Please contact us to learn more and schedule a complimentary, no sales pitch consultation with Dr. Rowe, Dr. Canary, and our team.

We all look forward to welcoming you to our orthodontic family: we can’t wait to see where your new smile takes you! Please, call today!

“I received braces as a result of an injury and the decision to get braces as an adult was a difficult decision to say the least. Dr. Todd Rowe is by far one of the most talented, innovative, dedicated and professional doctors that I have ever met. His staff is top notch and their methods of treatment are cutting edge. I travel all the way from Worcester to Leominster to see Dr. Rowe when there is an orthodontist just across the street from my house. If your looking for a great orthodontist for an adult or child then look no further. You will be more than pleased with Dr. Rowe!”

– Jessie

“Never thought I would have braces at 61 years. Pretty intimidating. However I was referred to the best. The moment I walked into the office, I was met with a friendly and professional staff who understood my fears and concerns. Dr. Rowe was always professional, understanding and always explained in "plain English" the problem, how he was going to solve it, and what I had to do help make it successful. Two years with braces, not fun, but the results were worth it.”

– Karen

“I've just had my braces removed today, and it has been a fantastic experience. If you are an adult considering orthodontics, don't hesitate, it is absolutely worth it. Dr. Rowe and his entire team will take great care of you. I highly recommend them.”

– Ali
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