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What our patients are saying about us...


I received braces as a result of an injury and the decision to get braces as an adult was a difficult decision to say the least. Dr. Todd Rowe is by far one of the most talented, innovative, dedicated and professional doctors that I have ever met. His staff is top notch and their methods of treatment are cutting edge. I travel all the way from Worcester to Leominster to see Dr. Rowe when there is an orthodontist just across the street from my house. If your looking for a great orthodontist for an adult or child then look no further. You will be more than pleased with Dr. Rowe! -Jessie 


I had orthodontic work done over ten years ago by Dr. Rowe, and I continue to get compliments (including from dentists) on my smile. Dr. Rowe is not only thorough and professional in his treatment--he is a perfectionist, truly dedicated to reaching the best possible result. As a teenager, I wanted to rush through the braces phase and would have been satisfied with "good enough." As an adult, I am grateful that Dr. Rowe never was. - James


When I decided to have orthodontic work done as an adult, I wanted to find an orthodontist who was willing to work with me in terms of my work schedule and more importantly, minimize the self conscious concerns that I had about being an executive in a high profile position with braces.  What I found in Dr. Rowe was a brilliant, patient, and professional orthodontist who went the extra distance to develop a custom treatment plan that resulted in a perfect smile and a preserved self-image throughout the process.  

If you are looking for the best orthodontist in central MA, look no further than Dr. Rowe. - Paul


Dr. Rowe treated all 3 of my children, as well as my husband, for braces and we could not have been happier. His professionalism and friendliness put us all at ease. He is up-to-date on the latest advances in treatment options and explained these options to us in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. My husband and our children have beautiful "Dr. Rowe" smiles now. Also, his office staff and assistants are very friendly and knowledgeable as well. When emergencies arose we were able to see Dr. Rowe in a very timely manner. He went above and beyond what is usual. I would highly recommend Dr. Rowe for orthodontia work for adults and children. - Terry